We are a hybrid design film and animation company
that nurtures unbounded stories.

Chun See Daniel Lim
Film & Motion Director / CG Artist & Founder

Founded ADAYS with pride, Daniel is grateful to the team members. C.S. Daniel Lim is a progressive visual storyteller. Loves subtlety, works intuitively, thinks extensively, yet performs incisively. With a background in 3d art, graphic/motion design and post-production, Daniel embodies emotive communication, that translates to atmospheric imageries. He lets incredible images look natural, whilst persistence and heart are at work. Music flavors, rhythm of nature, calisthenics, food and family keep him lively and wholeheartedly. His oddness: Developed a hypersensitivity to sound and vision, through immersive creativity behind the desktop. Connect: Linkedin

Wilsun Cheung
Concept & Production Artist / Cinematographer

Wilsun Cheung is a silver-tongued concept artist who can write a lovey-dovey romance stories or complex yet very touching poems while playing multiple instruments and think five steps ahead with chess. With his broad interests and versatile skill set which mainly involves cinematography, photography, animation and design, he is able to translate words into concepts, concepts into mood, mood into images and images into artworks with the purpose of strengthening the identity of a product or brand. His oddness: Insomniac. Works at day, thinks at night. Connect: Linkedin

Guan Her Ng
Business Developer / Producer

With a background in digital communication and marketing, Guan is supporting ADAYS with the business development focusing on Asia. He is at his best when he builds bridges between eastern and western cultures. He is currently working and living in an intense international environment where he is able to utilize his skills in managing the Chinese and Russian co-workers. Besides being a people’s person, Guan is flawless in sales and marketing. His oddness: Lives in the present moment from time to time. Connect: Linkedin

Kah Kih Yau
Design Engineer

Kah Kih is an interaction design engineer with a mad interest in what drives people to interact. A dreamer who thinks on his feet and has the curiosity of a cat combined with the will to build. Kah Kih has the skill to bring analysis and feeling together into harmony from vision to product. He likes to get his hands dirty in the process of bringing products to life. Sanding, soldering, cutting…if it gets things done…it gets things done. Thinking and building go hand in hand, when you build, you think. His oddness: Sometimes his mind does not create ideas like jumping around from stepping stone to stepping stone. It leaps like the Hulk and when he lands…The Hulk does not land, he crashes. Connect: Linkedin

Sam Chan
Food Photographer / Business & Recipe Developer

Sam Chan is a creative guy who can talk about food like a love story. From healthy and balanced food to the most greasy and fat food you can imagine. An eye for details, but a stomach as a dinosaur. Always craving for food and creating new dishes. With his creativity and versatile skill set which mainly involves writing, photography and recipe developing. He combines this and translate this into his work. It is art on a plate and into a photo. His oddness: Always hungry. Connect: Linkedin